Smart Meter Installer Opportunities Nationwide

Welcome to one of the biggest jobs around. The Smart Metering Programme is one of the most ambitious and important energy saving projects the UK has ever seen. At SSE alone, we’ve got 7 million meters to install by 2020. So we need a bigger team of dedicated and skilled fitters with great customer service skills, to help us get it done.

Apply for a job that gives you more satisfaction and more opportunities. You know it’s the smart thing to do.

How do I become a Smart Meter Installer?

Training to become a Smart Meter Installer will depend on your existing experience. You are either:

  • Already Dual Fuel Qualified  (5 weeks training)
  • Gas Qualified (13 weeks training)
  • Electric Qualified (18 weeks training)

If you currently have none of the above qualifications, then you can join our Trainee Smart Meter Installer Programme FTC (21 weeks training). Please check the eligibility criteria here before applying.

Once completed training, you’ll have gained the below qualifications (if you don’t hold these already):

  • CMA1
  • MET1
  • MOCoPA Single Phased

Depending on the location you apply for, your training will be at one of our training centres in Thatcham (near Reading), Treforest (Wales) or Perth (Scotland).

During training you’ll get a pro-rata remuneration of £26,197 (if you’re Electric, Gas or Dual Fuel qualified already) and £17,998 if you apply for the Trainee Smart Meter Installer Programme.

Please note that we are not currently recruiting.

However, you can register your interest for the role so that we can contact you back when we’ll be recruiting again.

To register click here.